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Piccola Università Italiana - The Italian language school by the sea

Extracurricular activities

Studenten während eines Ausflugs




Our Italian language school in Southern Italy offers a diversified and interesting culture and leisure time programme that changes on a weekly basis. This enables you to delve into the country, culture and the way of life of the people.




Choose from the following interchanging activities:

  • a cultural video about Calabria
  • a guided visiting tour to get to know Tropea better
  • Halfday Excursions in the school's minibus to:
    1. Vibo/Pizzo: castle in Vibo Valentia, castle in Pizzo and the church "Piedigrotta"
    2. Reggio Calabria and the National Museum
    3. Serra San Bruno
    4. Stilo
    5. Horse riding at the beach in Palmi
    6. Capo Vaticano
  • Fullday excursions with the school's minibus to:
    1. Discovery excursion into the Ancient Great Greek period: Locri & Gerace
    2. Crotone, Le Castella & Santa Severina
    3. Cosenza, Bisignano und Altomonte
    4. Sicily: Messina, Taormina and the Greek Theater
    5. Campania: Pompei and the Amalficoast (2 days with overnight) or only Pompei (1 day)
  • Mini day cruise: Aeolian Islands
  • Mini night cruise: Stromboli by night
  • Half day trip by motorboat along the "coast of the gods" to Capo Vaticano
  • Mountain bike trip to"Faro" (lighthouse) to Capo Vaticano or on a nature discovery tour along the wine route
  • Italian movies (with Italian subtitles)
  • Tasting of typical produce and wines of Calabria
  • Classical music concerts in school
  • Group dinner with Italian live music and Karaoke
  • Local festivals and folk music concerts

Every Monday the students get a new activity programme at the reception desk, the activities can then be signed up for.

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