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At the Piccola Universita Italiana you will find just the language course in Italy you are looking for. Our extensive Italian language course programme consists of the following Italian language courses:


The diversified selection of language courses at our Italian language schools in Italy is directed at employees of international companies who need Italian in their professional lives, for university students who study romance languages or languages in general, or simply for people who appreciate this kind of cultural holiday where a better understanding of Italian culture and the Italian way of life is obtained.

A lot of our students just simply love Italy, Dolce Vita, Italian food, the Italian language and they value the professional and personal Italian lessons in a relaxed atmosphere.

The duration of a lesson unit is 55 minutes in all Italian language courses at our Italian language school.


General information about group language courses

1. Inscription fee

Our Italian language school offers a number of services included in the obligatory inscription fee:

2. Group courses with only 3 - 6 students per class

To enable you as many chances as possible to practise speaking we limit group numbers of our group courses to a maximum of 6 participants at each level. On the first day of the language course, all students participate in a written and oral placement test. This test is the basis for placement in one of our 15 levels of competence. In case it is not possible for a student to be allocated to a group at the right level (with 3-6 participants), then this student will be placed in a 2 to 1 course or will receive private tuition with the number of lessons reduced by half. The language students are in this way guaranteed highest learning efficiency.

The course is designed to satisfy your individual language needs, this is achieved by placing you at the level of competence exactly right for you.

3. Placement into groups of 15 levels of language competence

It is very important to us that our students are placed into groups at the right language level. The first Monday of the language course starts with a written test which takes about 30 minutes, the test is then corrected in the framework of an oral test.

Students at the Piccola Università Italiana are placed into one of 15 levels of language competence!

The Italian language courses at the Piccola Universita Italiana are designed to satisfy the diversified needs and wishes of our students. The course programme is expanding constantly.

scuola portone 140.jpgOur course programme is divided into the following categories:

  1. Standard Italian language courses
  2. Customised Italian language courses
  3. Italian PLUS programmes
  4. Special language programmes
  5. Special rates for groups learning Italian




      1. Standard Italian language course


      In the repertoir of our standard courses there are classic language courses that either take place as group lessons or individual lessons.

      The following Italian courses are a standard feature in our course programme:

      lezione 200.jpga) Conversation course

      b) Main course

      c) Intensive course

      d) Individual lessons "1 to 1"

      e) Individual lessons "2 to 1" 

      Find out more about our Italian language courses by clicking on the corresponding link.


      2. Customised Italian language courses


      studentessa 100.jpgAs previously mentioned, we try to design our customised Italian courses to cater to the individual wishes and needs of our language students by means of the diversified competence of our language teachers. Don't hesitate to contact us about any special language courses. we would be happy to help with any special enquiries you may have.

      The following customised Italian courses are a standard feature in our language course programme:

      a) Business language courses:

      Italian for economy and correspondence, Italian in tourism, Italian in medicine, Legal Italian, Italian for interpreters (topics may vary according to demand)

      b) Cultural language courses:

      Italian literature, Italian contemporary history, Italian art history, Italian music history, Italian opera, Italian architecture 

      c) Preparation courses for examinations:

      preparation course CILS, preparation course CELI, preparation course CIC, preparation course IT, preparation course DELI, preparation course DILI, preparation course DILC, preparation course DALI, preparation course DALC

      d) Italian courses eligible for EU financial aid:

      Italian courses for teachers (Comenius Programme)


      Find out more about our Italian courses by clicking on the corresponding link.


      3. Italian PLUS courses


      Our Italian PLUS language courses are designed to cover several fields of interest. Our language students and their friends and family members are often not only interested in the Italian language but also in sporting or cultural activities.

      The following Italian PLUS courses are a standard feature in our course programme:

      Italiano + surf 100.jpg 

      a) Italian language course + sport:

      Italian course + sailing, Italian course + surfing, Italian course + diving, Italian course + mountain bikinglezione di pittura 150.jpg


      b) Italian language course + art:

      Italian course + painting (Oil colours, water colours, pottery painting), Italian course + music courses

      Find out more about our Italian courses by clicking on the corresponding link.



      4. Special programmes


      LItaliano Navigando 130.jpgOur special programmes are designed for target groups for whom we try to make something special out of a „simple" Italian course. These course are designed for people who look for that special touch in their culture holiday.

      The following special Italian courses are a standard feature in our course programme:

      a) L'Italiano Navigando (Italian course and sailing trip)

      b) Active Silver language course (Italian language course especially for seniors)


      Special rates for groups learning Italian

      5. Special rates for groups learning Italian

      We also offer groups individual Italian language courses at discount prices if a certain number of students participate. 

      a) Schools and universities

      b) Businesses and international companies

      c) Italian cultural institutes and other clubs

      d) Academic courses for universities from the USA as „Academic credit study abroad programs"


      Contact our secretarial staff about our special rates for groups!


      gruppo locri 500.jpg