Standard Italian language courses

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All Italian language courses in our standard course programme can be started every Monday.

On the first morning of the course (Monday) all students are put into their designated group of our 15 language course levels, according to the results of the oral and written competence tests.


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Our Italian school is open all year round and is therefore the ideal place to learn Italian in Italy at any time of year. Our language school's standard courses are classic courses which consist of up to date topics, are didactically interesting and full of variety.


In this way our teaching material is updated regularly. Newspapers, magazines and TV clips are constant features in our Italian language courses.

Communication lays the foundations of a method of learning, by use of the direct methods of learning, that means by only Italian being spoken, it is possible for the language student to develop a fine feeling for the Italian language in a very short time.


The classic standard courses are offered as follows:

  1. Italian conversation courses

  2. Italian main courses

  3. Italian intensive class
  4. Italian individual courses two-to-one

  5. Italian individual courses one-to-one

Find out more about each language course by clicking the corresponding link.


Also take a look at our further course programm:

  1. Customised Italian language courses

  2. Italian Plus courses

  3. Special programmes

  4. Italian language courses for groups at special rates

Find out more about each language course by clicking the corresponding link.