Customised Italian courses

Piccola Università Italiana - The Italian language school by the sea

At our Italian language school we offer a range of customised Italian courses. We work together with you to customise the course to fit your individual needs.

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Our Italian language school is open all year round and is the ideal place for you to learn Italian in Italy at any time of year. It is a standard part of our course programme to offer you the following Italian courses with subject- specific focus as follows:



Our customised Italian courses are structured to cater to your special needs and wishes. These language courses are there to develop and improve your specific knowledge of special topics. Customised language courses for teachers are aided by the European Union (Comenius Programme).

Our customised Italian language courses basically help you explore and deepen your knowledge of job related topics but can also be booked by students who have a special personal interest in a certain topic.
  • Objectives of the customised language courses:

To improve language and cultural knowledge on work or culture related topics. By acquiring basic knowledge of how to learn the Italian language, students are equipped with appropriate and professional preparation for the official, state approved Italian examinations of the University of Siena and the University of Perugia.

Do you have any special requests? Don't hesitate! Contact us for your very own personal Italian  language course! We look forward to your receiving your enquiry!