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schöne Aussichten in TropeaWe put this page together at our students‘ request. This is for anyone who would like to leave a message, look for pen pals or find other useful things.

Of course we are pleased to receive your comments and suggestions for our website. If you like, just send us an e-mail to


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The Fan Club of our Italian language school is an ideal way of staying in touch with other students or getting to know former students

You too can become a fan of the Piccola Universita Italiana. We look forward to you taking part!




Profilo Facebook di Simone Rainer



If you are an active journalist in possession of a press card and you would like to learn Italian or improve your language skills on holiday, then contact us to make your language holiday in Italy a real success!

Just write to us at the following e-mail address:


Italienisch lernen direkt am Meer - eine Sprachschülerin der Piccola Università Italiana berichtet in der Zeitschrift Article about our Italian language school

A former student, a journalist, wrote a beautiful article in the ‚"Myself" magazine describing her experiences and impressions gathered during her language holiday here with us in Tropea at our Italian language school.

>>> Read article! <<<


la posta di eclario.jpgLooking for pen pals - amici per corrispondenza

Would you like to correspond in Italian? A few of our students are looking for pen pals. Would you too like to correspond regularly in Italian?

Just send us an e-mail! Enquiries should be sent directly to with subject „amici per corrispondenza" .


Italian music

musica italianaAre you a fan of Italian music?

The Italian lifestyle „Dolce Vita" and „Ars Vivendi" are reflected in Italian music more than in any other facet of Italian culture. On the website about Italian culture, interesting information about Italian music can be obtained, from Italian pop to classical music.

>>> See here for information about Italian music. <<<


Italienische Musik auf Radio Italia


Would you like to listen to Italian music?

>>> Click here for Radio Italia. <<<


♥ ♥ ♥ Group: "Amici della Piccola Università Tropea" ♥ ♥ ♥

This is the name of a group founded by a student in October 2008 on the international communications platform Our Italian language school students and language pupils can meet here. This is a simple way of staying in touch without using up too much time and the number of your acquaintances from the Piccola Universita Italiana can be seen growing daily...

You already have a facebook account? Join in! Become a member of the group "Amici della Piccola Università Tropea"!



Always on the ball - The easy way to practise Italian!


immer am Ball bleiben und auch von zu Hause einfach Italienisch lernenThe Piccola Universita Italiana offers students the possibility to practise Italian regularly in the comfort of their own home. Every week new Italian tutorials are posted on the Italian culture portal. For a contribution of only EUR 10 per year we will send you the solutions to the Italian exercises by e-mail.

Order the solutions today so you can stay on the ball in the comfort of your own home!



Official video of our Italian language school in Italy

The video of our Italian language school was filmed in June 2006 and gives you a very good impression of the ambience at our language school, the old town of Tropea, our Italian courses as well as a few chosen activities on offer here as a regular part of our weekly programme.