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Travel Insurance

Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie - Culture and Dolce Vita
Piccola Università Italiana - Tropea - The Italian language school by the sea


Get the best travel insurance for your study holidays in Italy and relax!

With just 10 Euros per week you'll be covered in case of trip cancellation, medical expenses and other contingencies. All this is possible with, the international insurance that protects you!


Key facts

This insurance is available only to persons under the age of 70, who have booked a course at Piccola Università Italiana.

This policy summary is essential reading and will help you understand the insurance by setting out significant features, benefits, limitations and exclusions. The summary does not contain the full terms and conditions, which can be consulted in the Policy document.

The insurance is underwritten by ERV, an Ergo Group Company, authorised by BAFIN and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. Major details are available on request.


Period of cover

Provided that the Insured Journey starts and ends within the Policy Period and that the appropriate declaration and premium payment have been made:

  • In respect of Cancellation, for EEA originating trips only, cover starts on the date the Insured Journey is booked and ends with the start of the Insured Journey.
  • In respect of all other insurance in the policy, cover starts upon arrival in the Academic Course host country and ends when you depart the host country.


Significant Features and Benefits


Cancellation of trip

(EEA Originating trips only)

€ 7,500
0% in the event of death and hospital admission of more than 3 days, 10% in all other cases.
Curtailment of trip
€ 7,500, pro rata reimbursement
Reimbursement of medical expenses
€ 2,500,000
Assistance while travelling
Specific per service
Reimbursement for delayed departure
€ 20 every 12 hours with a maximum of
€ 280

Cost of re-protection of trip
€ 7500
Baggage insurance

€ 2,000

€ 250 per article, valuable items
€ 250, cash
€ 250, replacement documents
€ 250

Accidents while travelling
€ 25,000

Personal liability
€ 1,000,000
€ 500 for third parties items and animal

Significant Exclusions - (See General Exclusions and the Specific Exclusions for each Section of the policy).

There are some situations for which the Insured Students is not covered. These generally involve anything the Student already knows about or that are caused by deliberate or illegal acts on the part of the Insured Student. The most significant exclusions of this policy are set out here.

Claims due to the following causes will not be paid:

  • Unlawful conduct or malicious behaviour, whether effectedor attempted by the Insured.
  • Suicide or attempted suicide; self-inflicting injury
  • Hazardous activities and sports
  • Related to trips undertaken as a member of any kind of armed force or for the purpose of delivering weapons or equipment related to military operations
  • Related to trips undertaken in countries subject to embargoes or international sanctions or areas where the Foreign Ministry does not advise travelling; extreme journeys to remote areas that can only be reached using special means of transport or where situations of armed conflict
  • Medical expenses in the Insured Person's Country of Residence
  • Unattended valuables unless suitably locked away
  • Loss or theft not reported to the police within 24 hours
  • Regulations or order made by Public Authority or Government

There may be other exclusions which are significant to you. See the Specific Exclusions and General Exclusions Sections of the policy for full details.


Claim Provision

You must notify ERV Claim Service as soon as possible upon the occurence of any Insured Event that may give rise to a claim.


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