The Italian language school in Trieste

Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie - Culture and Dolce Vita

The Italian language school in Northern Italy is open all year round and is located in Trieste in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Trieste is enchanting, elegant and effervescent. With a population of about 200 000, it is still a manageable friendly city, where Culture meets Dolce Vita on the streets, in the cafés, in the theatres and in our school!




Trieste is situated just in front of the "Gulf of Venice". Here you find typical Italian "Riviera flair", literary atmosphere and multicultural ambience. Majestic "Palazzi" with imposing facades in various styles of architecture, theatres, historical coffee houses, countless museums and castles and palaces tell Trieste's impressive history and the former territory of the "Le Venezie" where you may find numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which guarantee an attractive and varied excursion programme.

The Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie is also ideally located in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia to discover a great part of Northern Italy. Venice is just 1,5 hours away and the school regularly organises excursions to explore the "City of Gondolas".

The Italian language school in Trieste is perfectly situated in the heart of the centre, just  steps away from the famous Piazza Unità d'Italia, where students may enjoy a real good italian coffee during the school break.

Trieste Piazza Unità d'Italia - studenti durante la pausa


Trieste is a manageable friendly city and it is also considered a safe one too. You can walk around any time of day or night and not have to worry.

Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie - Palazzo della scuola

The town is full of architecture and the majestic buildings in neoclassical, art nouveau, baroque and eclectic style  all tell great stories from great periods. The school is situated on the 1st floor in a splendid building.

Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie - Entrata della scuola

We want the school to be a place of tranquility and good ambience as well as being a place of happiness, a place where culture and good conversation with people from all over the world lead to great exchanges and a place where the desire to learn Italian unites our students.



The climate in Trieste is warm, sunny and mediterranean. Also the winter months are very mild and  temperatures rarely fall below zero. The famous "Bora", a strong wind which sometimes comes up is just as fascinating as the city itself. The spring and autumn months are fantastic for students who enjoy mild sunny days, which are ideal for a language holiday combined with excursions and day trips in the region of Le Venezie, cultural walks, bike tours, or just the simple enjoyment of Italian Dolce Vita leaving your cares behind you.

Passeggiate culturali - Castello Miramare

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