The Italian language school in Tropea

Piccola Università Italiana - The Italian language school by the sea

The Italian language school in Southern Italy is open from March to November and is located in Tropea in the region of Calabria. Tropea is a charming, middle age coastal town with a population of about 7000.

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Tropea lies on the stretch of the Italian boot at the same level as the famous Aeolian Islands. Italians lovingly call Tropea "The Pearl of Calabria". In Calabria you can find untouched nature with rich vegetation which provides a wonderful contrast to the deep blue, crystal clear sea. Fine, sandy beaches almost Carribean in appearence are only 5 to 10 minutes from the school building. Further beautiful sandy bays are to be found along the so called "Costa degli Dei"..."The Coast of the Gods". The Italian language school in Tropea is also ideally located for excursions in the Southern "Mezzogiorno", discovery tours to Ancient Greek and Roman sites, hikes in the Aspromonte, excursions to Sicily, such as Taormina or to Campania where Pompei and the Amalfi Coast are the most important attractions.


Tropea's old town sits majestically on a 42 metre high rock, surrounded by the crystal clear sea.

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From the old town, the charming church, the symbol and landmark of Tropea, "L'Isola" can be seen, on the horizon the Lipari Islands can be made out as seen on the photo. On a clear day the active volcano „Stromboli" seems like you could reach out and touch it. The „Corso Vittorio Emanuele" invites you for a stroll and emphasizes the Mediterranean character of Tropea with its countless bars, cafes and Gelaterias. In the typical Italian Osterias and Trattorias of the old town typical Italian cuisine is served and also mostly the dishes of the regional Calabrian cuisine. Very low incidental costs in Calabria make a language holiday at our language school more than affordable.

Not only is Tropea a charming little town but it is also a very safe one too. You can walk around any time of day or night and not have to worry.

The town will charm you with its romantic alleyways, surrounded by typical Palazzi from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, for a moment you will feel yourself transported back to times gone by. It is in one of these buildings full of history that the Piccola Universita Italiana is located.


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The once derelict, abandoned building was lovingly restored and equipped with the infrastructure of a school for the opening of the Italian language school in 1993.






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Today the seat of the school decorates the town of Tropea and the Italian language school has long established itself as a cultural institute in the heart of the old town of Tropea. 






The surroundings of Tropea are also particularly popular amongst holidaymakers who are looking for the undiscovered and unexplored on their holiday in Italy, far away from mass tourism. The previously mentioned „Costa degli Dei", The Coast of the Gods, is undoubtedly, the most beautiful coastline in Calabria. The bays of this jagged coastline are surrounded by white sandy beaches. The turquoise, crystal clear sea is an attraction in this region around the so called Capo Vaticano.

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Italian courses in Calabria from March to November!


The climate in Calabria is rather mild. The spring and autumn months are rather peaceful and contemplative and are ideal for a language holiday combined with excursions and day trips in the region of Calabria, walks on the beach, bike tours, the simple enjoyment of Italian leisureliness and to leave your cares behind you. In summer there is a lot more going on in the streets and the goings on reach their peak at Ferragosto on the 15th of August. In the 2 weeks around Ferragosto there tend to be more Italians around who also like to spend their Summer holiday in Tropea.

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