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Travelling to our Italian language schools in Italy

Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie - Culture and Dolce Vita
Piccola Università Italiana - Tropea - The Italian language school by the sea

Good service is important to us! We assist you with all aspects of your journey to our Italian language schools in Italy.

First of all we help you organise your suitcase. Therefore we have compiled a Checklist for your study abroad trip to Italy.


Johann Wolfgang Goethe's Journey to Italy

You know that land where lemon orchards bloom,
Its golden oranges aglow in gloom,
That land of soft wind blowing from blue sky,
Where myrtle hushes and the laurel's high?
You know that land?
That way! That way
I'd go with you, my love, and go today.


Since Goethe's arduous journey to Italy in 1786, many things have changed...

Both of our Italian language schools are near well-served airports. Therefore generally we recommend to arrive by plane. However, it is also possible to arrive by train or by car. Following we present you different possibilities to get to our language schools in Italy:

Find out more about your journey to Trieste and click on the following links:

Find out more about your journey to Tropea and click on the following links:

For more detailed questions we are at your complete disposal. Do not hesitate and contact us! We are delighted to help you!