Travelling to Calabria by car / bus

Piccola Università Italiana - The Italian language school by the sea

You can also travel to your language holiday in Calabria by car or bus.

Anreise nach Kalabrien mit dem Auto1. Travelling to Tropea by CAR

If you plan to come to your study holiday in Calabria by car, you could combine this with a tour of Italy at either end of your journey. To ensure a smooth journey we recommend using

Via Michelin Routenplaner - Ihre Anfahrtshilfe für Ihre Sprachreise nach Italien


Viamichelin to plan your route


It can count the exact number of kilometres from your starting point all the way to us here in Italy, Calabria, Tropea and if wished can help you plan stops on the way.

Please note, that there are tolls to pay on nearly all motorways in Italy. If you travel round a lot it can come to quite a hefty sum... The only motorway in Italy where no toll is charged is the A4 (Naples - Reggio Calabria). This motorway is toll free between Salerno and Reggio Calabria!

If you are travelling directly to Tropea, we ask you to call our SOS phone number on arrival. You will receive this number with your written comfirmation. A member of school staff will then take you to your apartment in Tropea.

You will receive more detailed information with your booking comfirmation.

No transfer is required when travelling to Tropea by car (included in the inscription fee). As an alternative we offer you the chance to take part in 2 half day excursions by mini bus.


Anreise nach Kalabrien mit dem Bus2. Travelling to Tropea by BUS

Travelling to Tropea by bus is by far not the most comfortable means of travel but certainly the most affordable. Various Italian bus companies run regular services from Switzerland, Austria and Germany to Italy.

Alternatively you could fly to Rome. The capital of Italy is well connected  and there are several bus companies offering a regular bus schedule from Rome. Here are two examples:


  • Bus from Rome to Vibo Valentia

The bus service is offered all year round. Detailed information about prices, schedule and booking can be checked on the following website: Lirosi

From Vibo Valentia you can be picked up by the school  transfer.


  • Bus from Rome to Tropea

This connection is offered only during the summer months. Detailed information about prices, schedule and booking can be checked on the following website: Genco


The tickets for both buses can be ordered on-line directly on each website.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to give us a call or write us an E-Mail. We would be happy to help you!