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Glossary: Italy - Calabria - Tropea

The climate in calabria can be described as Mediterranean. Because the region is in 3 geographical zones, Calabria is also divided into 3 climatical zones.

  • By the Tyrrhenian sea in the west there is a sub- tropical climate with precipitation in the winter months.
  • By the Ionian sea there is a rather hot and dry climate with low precipitation.
  • In the mountainous regions it is cooler than on the coastline and in the winter months, snow falls to 1200m. The climate in these regions can almost be described as Alpine.

Landschaftsaufnahme von Januar 2008


In January, depending on region, average temeratures lie between 7° C and 14° C and in July and August between 29°C and 40°C. In the coastal regions ( Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts) the winters are mild. Even in winter, temperatures do not drop below 10°C.


Due to the favourable climate conditions, a language holiday in Tropea can be enjoyed all year round. In the somewhat cooler months of the year however, our holiday apartments  in Tropea are provided with gas heating.