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When choosing your Italian language school in Italy, pay attention to the professionalism of the language institute. The following attributes are indicators that willl help you find the right school for you.

1. State approval from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
Be sure that your chosen school is state-approved and has been given permission by the ministry to teach Italian to foreign students.

2. IALC - International Association of Language Centres
Founded in 1983, IALC is a global community of leading independent language centres, providing outstanding language courses with accommodation, social and cultural activities in the country where the language is spoken. This association unites leading language schools worldwide and guarantees for highest quality standards of all member schools.

2. Recognition for educational leave for German citizens
Recognition for educational leave is an indicator of professional schools, as the German states test these schools on their didactics, teaching materials, methods and teaching programmes.

3. Recognition by CSN and Lånekassen
The Swedish National Board of Student Aid and the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund have a strict selection procedure for language schools as the language courses are paid for by the respective state.

Recognition for academic credits at US universities
American students have the possibility to learn Italian at a language school of their choice and can receive academic credits for this at the respective university.

Language courses with a limited number of participants
Take note of the maximum number of participants allowed in the language course groups. In groups of 6 people or more there is no guarantee of efficient learning. At our school Italian is taught in mini groups of 3 to 6 people maximum.

6. Language course regulation
Take note that the language school puts you a group at the right level for you even if the minimum amount of participants is not achieved for a certain group. Your language course should neither underchallenge nor overchallenge you.


For more detailed information about our Italian language school's commendations and accreditations, please see the following link: