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Payment of your language course

Piccola Università Italiana - The Italian language school by the sea

After sending your registration, you will receive a written confirmation from us by e-mail within 2 working days. The due amount is listed in this confirmation. We ask you to pay your language holidays immediately upon receipt of this confirmation for your booking to become valid.


We offer our students the following payment methods:


1. Online-payment by credit card


2. Payment by bank transfer

3. Cash payment


Bezahlung online mit Kreditkarte1. Online payment by credit card


Online payment by credit card is the most commonly used method of payment.


We would like to highlight that we provide a certified secure online payment service that conforms to the most up to date security standards. You can even check this out for yourself!


SSL-ZertifikatAfter clicking on the link below, you will come to the secure page, that means that even your address will be forwarded in encrypted format. Go to the lock or key symbol with the mouse (depending on your browser -Internet Explorer-Mozilla Firefox-they are different) and the SSL certificate will appear.


Contact us to pay for your language course in Italy!


Banküberweisung2. Payment by bank transfer


Of course it is also possible to pay by means of bank transfer. We will send you our bank details (IBAN + SWIFT) at your request.



Bezahlung in Bar3. Cash payment


The deposit (inscription fee + 30% of accomodation costs) is to be paid immediately on receipt of your booking confirmation, without exception. Bookings for course only have to be paid in full upon inscription.


The deposit can either be paid by credit card or by bank transfer. In exceptional cases and after consulting the secretary's office it may be possible for the remaining amount to be paid here on the first day of your language course. Please note, it is necessary to take cash with you as no more than 250 Euros per day can be withdrawn from the ATM..