1) Recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education

The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research made a point of appointing the best Italian language schools, in order to support the circulation of Italian culture and the Italian language.

Italienisches Ministerium für Universität, Bildung und Forschung

presa d'atto prot 23860/P from 30.11.2004


The accreditation by the Ministry is the only Italian recognition obtainable that does not require purchase. The state-approved Italian language schools were inspected carefully. The fullfillment of these strict requirements, guidelines and standards is still checked on a regular basis.


The specified standards given by the Ministry for Education, University and Research cover following points:

  • Quality of the teachers and professors at the language schools
  • Quality of material/equipment at the language schools
  • Quality of the method of learning at the language schools
  • Quality of the didactic lesson concept in the language courses

    Our Italian language school was founded in 1993 in Tropea as "Caffe Culturale" under the name of Caffe Italiano Club. In 2004, 11 years after being founded, Caffe Italiano Club was state-approved by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and became officially recognised as an Italian language school. To emphasize the school's professional character, the school was renamed in 2004 and became the Piccola Universita Italiana.


    2) Patronized by the Italian Cultural Ministry


    Italian Cultural Ministry


    Piccola Università Italiana is the only Italian language school in Italy patronized by the Cultural Ministry for great achievements in the promotion of the Italian language and Italian culture and for the creation of the web portal www.italianculture.net.


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