Learning Italian at our language school - methods and didactics

Piccola Università Italiana - Le Venezie - Culture and Dolce Vita
Piccola Università Italiana - Tropea - The Italian language school by the sea

1. Information about learning methods

We teach using the direct method, that means only using the Italian language. This is the best way to train your ear and get a feeling for the language.

Methodik der Italienisch Kurse in Italien


The Italian group lessons include grammar and grammar exercises on a daily basis. We systematically teach you the build up of the Italian language, so you learn to write and speak correctly.


The rest of the lesson is dedicated to communication, with the goal of making you feel secure in the use of Italian language as fast as possible. 

As well as this, we inform you during your Italian lessons about the geographical and historical background of the area of your language school and about the rest of Italy, in order to give your Italian more depth. Our Italian language courses are intended to teach you cultural aspects of Italy too.

In this way, Italian is taught on a broad spectrum, involving lots of topics.

The Italian teachers at our Italian language school are not only limited to teaching the Italian language, our Italian courses enable our students to gain considerable knowledge on the topics of Italian culture, Italian history, Italian politics, Italian music, Italian traditions, Italian cuisine and many other topics.

According to level of competence in Italian, up to date topics about Italian are discussed and also outside the classroom, dialogues take place amongst the Italian students.

Music and Song play a big role in our Italian language courses too. According to level of competence, pieces of music are used as a playful way of learning Italian grammar.


escursione Sicilia 200.jpgAlongside lessons we offer our language students a culture and excursion programme that changes on a weekly basis, part of this is a screening of interesting Italian film classics on our state of the art video system with large screen (some with Italian subtitles for better understanding). Of course, all cultural activities and excursions on offer at our Italian language school are carried out in the Italian language. By participating in these activities alongside your Italian lessons you train your ear and get a better feeling for the language.



HIFI (CD/MP3) and flatscreen (DVD) are available in all classrooms, which are actively used during the lessons, but can also be used in leisure time by students to listen to a wide range of learning CDs, from our multimedia library and thus enhance your knowledge of Italian alongside your Italian lessons.



2. Information about didactic material

By use of authentic material, the Italian lessons remain interesting, colourful and diversified.

materiale didattico 200.jpgOur Italian language school is always up to date. The teaching material is kept up to date by our continuous checking up on didactics. 

Alongside our professional standard materials of Italian grammar, we also use literary texts, film material, documentaries, pieces of music, contemporary magazines and daily newspapers in our day to day Italian lessons.

These didactic materials are actively used for individual  lessons and group courses.

Besides, all classrooms are fully equiped.
Both schools dispose of flat screen TVs, DVD-players and CD-players.

In this way your Italian language course will remain interesting, colourful and diversified, for we believe:


♥ Learning Italian should be fun and make you happy