Italian for Economy, Trade & Commerce

Piccola Università Italiana - The Italian language school by the sea

Our Italian language school also specialises in Italian business courses. We offer intensive language training for business people as either an Italian language course in a mini group or individual language training. After consulting you about your language needs, your language course is put together just for you!

To participate in this course, elementary knowledge of the Italian language is required.

These special Italian language courses are held either as individual lessons or as an intensive course.

Italienisch Sprachkurse für den Beruf


Job related specialisations for economy cover a wide range of topics. The student chooses which aspects are most important for his language needs. The most requested job related courses for economy and trade are:


  • Italian business courses
  • Italian on the phone
  • Formal business correspondence in Italian
  • Italian economy terminology
  • Economy in Italy
  • Italian for trade and commerce
  • Italian for import and export
  • Italian in sales

There are special conditions available all year round for company groups. Because of the location of our language school by the sea, an even higher level of learning efficiency is achieved due to the relaxing surroundings. At our Italian language school, employees will be encouraged to learn according to their needs and will return to the workplace newly motivated and inspired!

Contact us for your special Italian language course! We would be happy to advise you!


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