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As an Italian language school directly by the sea in Italy, we of course offer a wide range of sporting activites. Combine your Italian language course with your favourite sport. Even couples, family members and friends with different interests find the ideal place to spend their holiday and get to know southern Italy.

Flavio Briatore.jpgMany celebrities have also discovered Tropea, because in Tropea, celebrities from TV and film can mingle inconspicuously amongst the other holiday- makers. But some of them do still get spotted like Flavio Briatore here, seen jogging on the beach in Tropea while his new Calabrian wife soaks up a few southern rays on the nearby yacht.


In the following table we have put together the sporting possibilities in Calabria at a glance. The table will tell you where a charge is involved, when the sporting activity can be done and where it will take place. On the right we have added comments to improve understanding of the table.

Which sport? Costs? When?  Where? Comments
Swimming free of charge
May - October Tropea and surroundings Beach is a 5 minute walk from the school

Jogging free of charge
all year round
Tropea Beach or Promenade
Cycling free of charge
all year round
Tropea and surroundings school's own bikes


all year round
Tropea and surroundings
Brand: Shimano
Tennis to be updated! May - October Tropea Courts are unfortunately not maintained in winter, this is only a summer activity.


all year round
Feudo Montalto 20 minutes from Tropea by car (Taxi or rental car)


September - June Tropea closed from June - September (summerholidays)
Waterski to be updated! ??? Tropea and Parghelia Parghelia is a 15 minute walk from the school


€35 May - October Capo Vaticano half day trip


approx. €100 May - October Capo Vaticano Beginners course!
Windsurfing approx. €70 May - October Capo Vaticano Beginners course!



approx. €55 all year round
Aspromonte National Park Full day trip, Reservation required!
Scuba Diving approx. €350 May - October Tropea and Umgebung OWD-course!

Horse back riding

€35 all year round
on Palmi Beach half day trip


€35 all year round
Tropea half day trip

Last updated: July 2008                                                                 Subject to change


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